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FYOP - Forge Your Own Path 

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How It Works

Need help to achieve or identify your next goal? I use an array of skills, methods and tools to provide a tailored coaching service that gives you the tools for success. 

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Recommended to have 6 sessions, 1 hour each. It is completely tailored around your needs and your goals.

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Matt Stewart CMgr FCMI 


  • ILM LV7 - Executive Mentoring and Coaching

  • Six Sigma & Lean (Yellow & Green Belt)

  • BA Hons Business Management (Innovation & Enterprise) 

  • Diploma in Change Management

  • Mental Health First Aider 

  • Three Principles of Coaching 

  • Exploring Career Mentoring and Coaching 

  • Strategic Management


  • Fellow - Charted Management Institutes 

  • Association of Coaching (AC)

I am a qualified Executive Coach and Mentor who has obtained ILM level 7, which is teamed with decade of experience in changing mindsets, cultures, behaviours and approaches within an induvial and multiple organisations. I come from a transformation and engagement management background with a wealth of collaborative experience and a history of providing a secure and tangible benefit to a businesses and individuals. I have also worked with a broad spectrum of incredible people to advance, change and level up their careers and embrace their ambition and passions to achieve incredible goals. 

I have held multiple positions on boards as a trustee and non-executive director, which have directly impacted on growth. Through consultancy I have led on internal framework design for start-ups to government funded programmes. 

I am a full member of the Association of Coaching and fully align to their high standards and code of practices. Throughout any coaching session we will work through multiple models such as CREATE and GROW but it will solely be focused on YOU and what YOU need. As part of this process I will challenge, listen and offer alternative voices to your current topic of choice. 


I will get back you ASAP! 


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